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Every mechanical process needs a smart Human Machine Interface (HMI) to maintain smooth functionality and ease of use. That’s where advanced SCADA system hardware and software can help bring your team into the fold.

SCADA systems effectively perform high-level process management and control supervisory functions, making them absolutely essential to a productive plant floor. Our expert engineers will help design and develop the ideal SCADA system for your operational needs, whether you need hardware, software, or both.

Trusted SCADA Technology

At SOFFA Electric, we work with top-of-the-line SCADA technology, like Siemens, to design streamlined systems that are compatible with your existing equipment to optimize output and simplify management of multiple complex processes.

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Guided SCADA Design and Development

Design and develop SCADA systems to help you monitor and control a number of elements associated with industrial production.

Advanced SCADA services:

  • HMI Design and Screen DevelopmentSystem Upgrades
  • Historian & Data Analytics
  • Project Reports
  • System Analysis
  • Training

Our expert engineering team works directly with you to pinpoint exactly how the control strategy and program are supposed to function. Once we have a solid understanding of your system, we begin by developing HMI screens that help control the processes and then work through programming alarms, events, and the SCADA programming themselves.

We ensure that your entire networking system is correctly configured and that the SCADA can communicate with the RTU or PLC to accurately send process commands to streamline your system.

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