Single-Source Design, Development, & Integration

The system design phase is a critical component of any successful project, and as such it must be handled carefully by an experienced team of engineers. That’s where dedicated system design and integration services from SOFFA Electric come in.

Our expert team will conceptualize, design, and implement a tailored control system design that will provide a seamless project experience across your organization.<

Creating Innovative Industry Frameworks

As a single-source control system design provider, SOFFA Electric leverage the latest AutoCAD technology and extensive engineering experience to develop control system designs that are guaranteed to meet all ISA standards and UL rules and regulations.

Loop Diagrams

Interconnect Diagrams

Wiring & Fabrication Drawings

Point-to-Point Drawings

Detail Design Drawings

System Configuration

Systems Integration

Equipment Specifications

Field & Communication Devices

A Tailored Design Process

An in-depth understanding of the entire system design process from end to end allows our expert engineers to manage the technical aspects of the system, the environment in which the system will be used, and the technology being applied to the problem.

To ensure the ideal control system design for your unique organizational needs, we follow a specific process that is engineered to simplify your design process:

  • Assemble the ideal design and engineering team to suit your needs.
  • Ideate and conceptualize your control system design framework.
  • Document all necessary drawings and diagrams.
  • Configure system requirements and specifications.
  • Deliver comprehensive control system and panel design documentation.
  • Suggest fabrication and implementation next steps.

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