An Industry-Leading System Integrator

SOFFA Electric is an engineering company specializing in control systems integration and fabrication designed to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs for municipalities and industrial companies.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1972, the expert team at SOFFA has over four decades of experience combining thoughtful engineering practices with direct access to a comprehensive suite of unique industrial solutions.

Initially, we offered relay control systems to both the public and private sectors, but as technology progressed over the years, we transitioned from the relay panel to programmable logic controllers to offer more value to our industrial and municipal clientele.

Our Mission

Deliver secure automation solutions to improve operational reliability efficiency and visibility.

Our Vision

At SOFFA our vision is to be the supplier of choice when our type of products are being sought. We will accomplish this by sharing the responsibilities of innovation, planning and decision making with our greatest assets; our employees, partners and stakeholders. Our long tradition of integrity, hard work and radical self-improvement has set a strong foundation for providing the highest customer service to our customers, and we will work hard to continue to build on that tradition.

Why Choose SOFFA Electric for Your Control System Needs?

At SOFFA Electric, we take your productivity seriously. That’s why we’re committed to serving all of your industrial control system needs efficiently, without the headache of a middleman.

We offer a comprehensive solution for the engineering, programming, fabrication, and testing of advanced turnkey control systems for industrial manufacturing and municipal process applications.

This centralized solution is the best way to ensure quality, efficiency, and support for our clients, and it helps expedite your go-to-market strategy by removing several steps from the process.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our 45,000 sq. ft. facility meets all required Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards with a complete range of equipment and simulation panels for testing.

Reliable Construction & Service

SOFFA Electric is one of two companies west of the Mississippi granted UL approval for construction of flame detection and hazardous area control panels.

Impeccable Track Record

We’ve worked directly with many well-respected brands and organizations in the industrial and municipal space to ensure that their systems are up to par.

Decades of Hands-On Experience

Since 1972, SOFFA Electric has designed, implemented, and maintained control systems in a wide variety of industries and settings.

A Typical SOFFA Instrumentation Project Timeline

While each project is unique and is always approached as such, most often they all tend to follow a similar timeline and structure:

  • Step 1

    Client sends product or service inquiry.

  • Step 2

    SOFFA develops a tailored project proposal.

  • Step 3

    Value Engineering solution normally are part of all proposals.

  • Step 4

    Engineering team address customer’s technical questions and provides additional details upon request.

  • Step 5

    Upon acceptance of the proposal customer issues a purchase order.

  • Step 6

    Engineering reviews project specifications and plans and develops a product design submittal for approval.

  • Step 7

    Once products submittals are approved, we begin developing the systems engineering, programming, test procedure and commissioning.

  • Step 8

    Depending on the project schedule and engineering progress, SOFFA starts procuring instruments and panel material.

  • Step 9

    Once steps 7 and 8 are completed, SOFFA will invite the customer to perform Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) or submits product factory test and calibration reports if FAT is not requested by customer.

  • Step 10

    Once approved, products will be shipped to the customer for installation.

  • Step 11

    Upon installation, SOFFA will perform field calibration, Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and commissioning.

Succeed with Capital Infrastructure Projects

Every successful project requires a strong strategy and competent people behind it, especially in highly regulated industries. Comprehensive system project services from SOFFA Electric can help deliver complete infrastructure project execution from start to finish, on budget and on time.

Combining our extensive industry expertise with a team of experienced engineers provides accurate, well-defined project implementation frameworks that directly impact your entire company:

Successful Project Execution

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce Potential Waste and Risk

Remove Excess Redundancy

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

More Efficient Process Behavior

Detailed-Oriented System Management Services

The system project experts at SOFFA Electric provide end-to-end project management and definition solutions to help manufacturers and municipalities streamline each new project in their pipeline.

Feasibility Studies

Functional Specifications


Facility Walk-Through

Field Analysis

As-Built Documentation

Requirements Definition

Hardware Implementation

Software Design And Implementation

Startup And Commissioning

Post-Start Up Application Support

Staff User Training